Efficiently Undertaking Window Replacements

in Cheshire

Too hot in summer and too cold in winter?

Here`s the solution

Bright, spacious and airy, your conservatory is a great addition to your home. But as the seasons roll by, changing temperatures can make it uncomfortable to be in – too hot in summer and too cold in the winter months.
The Equinox tiled roof is the perfect solution. Combining high quality precision engineering with attractive styling inside and out, you`ll be adding valuable extra usable space to your home without the high cost of building an extension. It all goes to make the Equinox tiled roof the best value way to improve your lifestyle.
Enjoy your conservatory all year round with an Equinox tiled conservatory roof. With a tiled roof, you can use your conservatory whatever the weather -because it won’t become too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Thanks to the new Equinox system, you can turn your extra space into an integral part of the house, while still enjoying the added light a conservatory provides.

What a transformation

Complete installation in 48 hours
This advanced premium- quality roof system has been designed for straightforward hassle-free installation onto your existing conservatory, so you can look forward to minimal disruption to your homelife. In fact, Equinox can be installed in as little as 48 hours.
It’s the perfect replacement for a tired looking traditional conservatory roof, or to turn a new conservatory into a year- round living space.

No job is too small

Equinox isn’t just a great system for conservatory roofs either. This versatile solution can also be used to transform flat roofs- whether you are building a new extension or you have an existing flat roof that’s ready for change.
Even porches can benefit from a contemporary makeover.
Equinox tiled roof systems are compatible with all types of conservatories – whether it’s a small lean- to or a large-scale P shaped design – we can truly transform any space to suit your needs. Hipped or mono -pitch designs can easily be achieved, and the traditional aesthetics of Equinox ensures your roof will complement your conservatory and its surrounding environment-whatever you choose for it.