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Garden rooms are the new game-changing home improvement in the world of property. The benefits of garden rooms can be life-changing and are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your home life.

What are the benefits of Garden Rooms?

Garden living is rising in popularity and is becoming a new trend in household design. The buildings range in sizes, shapes and designs to make them suited to all properties. There are numerous ways a garden room can benefit you and your family.

Additional Living Space

The most obvious reason being for additional living space and recreational space. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is finding enough space for everything and having room for what they want in their home. A home extension was one of the most popular ways to increase living space in your home, although in recent years garden buildings are overtaking this form of home renovation and becoming the leading form of home improvement.

Garden buildings give the opportunity to create your own personal retreat. Home extensions edit the property you already have by adding on another room. Because of this, it can be a complex process that can take a lot of time. Our garden rooms do not usually require planning permission unless you’re deciding on an annexe that is going to be used for living purposes. Our annexe buildings will need planning permission as they're for full-time living, however, our dedicated team will handle this for you.

What makes them so popular is their versatility, they can be used for anything and have all of the amenities that a room inside a home would have. So whether you're looking to expand space for your growing hobby, or you simply want a space to retreat to in the evenings after a long day at work, a garden room can cater for all needs.

Increased Privacy

If you're wanting to make a retreat or a room suited for your hobbies, privacy is crucial. When you are still connected to your home but you're just in another room, privacy isn't at its highest. However, our outdoor buildings separate you from the home and can give you more privacy than a home extension would.

This also allows you to make more noise, so if you want to watch a loud film at the weekend or listen to music with your friends without disturbing anyone at home, we provide the perfect solution. Although we currently cannot soundproof our products, the insulation we use is a natural sound muffling material that will help prevent loud noises escaping your retreat.

Quick and Simple Installation

With home extensions, the installation process is typically and long, gruelling one. After you finally are granted planning permission, construction can take months, leaving you agitated and disturbed in your own home. However, this is not the case when you increase your living space into your back garden. Installation can typically be completed within a week.

This is a shorter turn-over time than any other home extension. Installation is also relatively simple and is mainly handled by our site surveyors. The team will come and look at your garden space and see what size building and style is best suited for you, you can book your free site survey here!

Various Design Options

If you're someone who loves to let their creative side flare and personalise your space, the design options are endless! We have numerous add-ons that you can decide to add such as underfloor heating. As for decorating, you are not limited to what you can do. Just like a house, you can wallpaper and paint the walls as you wish to make it feel homely and to fit a design that you want.

If you need inspiration for your own garden room, you can take a look at our extensive gallery below.

Suited For All Properties

A lot of homeowners worry when extending or renovating their home that it will not fit in with their current home design. For those who have an older looking property, this is often a worry, as construction is more up to date there is often the worry of combining modern with traditional design. We have a variety of garden buildings that differ in exterior design, meaning that they are extremely versatile and can suit every type of property.

The best part being even if you do not have a large scale garden, there is still the option to have a garden room, you can discuss this further with our site surveyors and discuss your options.

Begin Planning Your Garden Room Today

Our team are always here to help! If you’re thinking of installing one of our buildings, feel free to contact us today! Our team members are by your side every step of the way and can handle tasks like planning permission and more.

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What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommend!

Janet McKenna

We have recently had a new conservatory roof and wall panels installed by Cheshire Bespoke Conservatories. The team did a great job, they arrived on time, were courteous and respectful at all times and we are very happy with the work they carried out. Would highly recommend this company.

Cracking Job!

Jason B

The guys did a cracking job of converting our previous glass conservatory roof into a brand new bespoke Tapco tiled roof. Team were courtesy and friendly and did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. Can confirm after looking at costs with several companies, CBC are definitely competitive. Would definitely recommend.

Tremendous Lads!

Mike Murray

The guys at CBC replaced our existing conservatory roof with a more traditional roof design creating a room that we can use all year round. It's a great job. Its transformed the room. I highly recommend them, the lads on site were tremendous and worked really hard to get the job done in the time frame, infact they finished earlier. We'll done, thanks again.

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