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Conservatory Roof Conversion Options

When considering a conservatory roof replacement, there are three options to choose from! These include a glass or tiled conservatory roof. They each provide different levels of durability, insulation and security. They also have varying installation and maintenance costs.

Glass Conservatory Roof Conversions

Should you have an old glass conservatory roof, the likelihood is that you would be best suited considering either a polycarbonate or tiled alternative. Solid polycarbonate is a particularly good choice, as you will likely not need to source new glazing bars and it provides a similar appearance.

Those who would like to replace their existing glass panels with new glass ensure you consider the different variants available today. In particular you should consider double glazed panels with an argon filling, which is shown to prevent heat escaping during cooler months. This also helps to keep cold air out.

If glare is an issue during summer, you'll find tinted glass panels too. Solid polycarbonate is also available in tinted varieties, providing you with an ideal alternative to glass whilst maintaining the same appearance.

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Tiled Conservatory Roof Conversions

Those looking to minimise heat loss through their conservatory may want to consider a tiled conservatory roof. Not only do tiles provide greater insulation but they also allow you to achieve a gorgeous finish when completing a conservatory roof replacement.

Whilst roof tiles are typically thinner than both glass and polycarbonate, the overall build-up of a tiled conservatory roof provides superb insulation. With glazing bars not being required, there is also less chance of drafts and cold air seeping through small gaps.

Traditional concrete and slate roof tiles provide brilliant insulation, although demand greater structural support. Plastic or metal tiles provide similar insulating capabilities whilst being considerably more lightweight at approximately 15kg per square meter.

When choosing conservatory roof tiles you have a choice of profiles. You can also choose from individual tiles or panels, with the latter being easier to fit by homeowners and tradesman. Tiles are also wonderfully easy to fit onto a lean-to conservatory, with a traditional Edwardian or Victorian conservatory requiring a few additional flashings.

A tiled conservatory roof will typically last in excess of 50 years with little maintenance being required. Most manufacturers also offer up to 40 years guarantee on their roof tiles, providing you with confidence in your conservatory roof replacement.

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What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommend!

Janet McKenna

We have recently had a new conservatory roof and wall panels installed by Cheshire Bespoke Conservatories. The team did a great job, they arrived on time, were courteous and respectful at all times and we are very happy with the work they carried out. Would highly recommend this company.

Cracking Job!

Jason B

The guys did a cracking job of converting our previous glass conservatory roof into a brand new bespoke Tapco tiled roof. Team were courtesy and friendly and did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. Can confirm after looking at costs with several companies, CBC are definitely competitive. Would definitely recommend.

Tremendous Lads!

Mike Murray

The guys at CBC replaced our existing conservatory roof with a more traditional roof design creating a room that we can use all year round. It's a great job. Its transformed the room. I highly recommend them, the lads on site were tremendous and worked really hard to get the job done in the time frame, infact they finished earlier. We'll done, thanks again.

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